Day 34 - Sunday - June 29 - Layover day in Ketchikan

Homes in Ketchikan built on a hillside.

I spent this day in Ketchikan shopping for supplies, being a tourist, and attempting to try out every restaurant in town. I had lost about 15 pounds by this point in the trip and did not want to loose any more, so anything edible was fair game. The bus line in Ketchikan, which runs along the main road through town, will get you almost anywhere you want to go for $1.00. There are supermarkets, hardware stores, clothes stores, a post office, and dozens of restaurants to choose from, all along the main road. For more information about things to do while in Ketchikan and other ports along the route, get the book, “Adventure Guide - Inside Passage & Coastal Alaska” for lots of good ideas.

My kayak on the Southeast Sea Kayaks dock in Ketchikan.

Update: Southeast Sea Kayaks is no longer at this location.