Day 41 - Sunday - July 6 - Wrangell layover

Reliance Harbor in Wrangell.

Today was a layover day in Wrangell so I had the opportunity to look around town a bit. Since I was not very happy with my landing spot yesterday, I went over to “Reliance Harbor” to see what landing there would be like. Right in front of the harbormasters office is a small seaplane dock with a rack of kayaks on it. The harbormaster informed me that a kayaker passing through could leave their boat on the dock in a designated spot for a couple of nights. Within a few blocks of the harbor are lodging options that may be better for a kayaker than where I stayed.

The Alaska Ferry approaching the dock in Wrangell.

It being Sunday and raining there was not much activity around town. I washed my clothes at a laundermat then checked out the local outdoor shop. Two well-stocked local grocery stores provided me with a few fresh items to add to my food cache. Since it was Sunday, I could not pick up my box of food from the post office so that would have to wait for tomorrow morning. A couple of small local restaurants did a good job of putting some weight back on me since my last layover day in Ketchikan, a week ago.