Day 54 - Saturday - July 19 - Storm layover day in Auke Bay

Sitting out a storm at Auke Bay.

The storm that battered me yesterday kept up through the night and into this afternoon. This storm caused today to be the fifth day of the second leg of the trip that I had to sit out due to bad weather. I had been hoping to get to Skagway by next Wednesday so I could catch the once weekly ferry to Prince Rupert. It was still possible to do, as Skagway was 103 miles from my present location. If everything went well I could paddle 26 miles a day on average and make it there by Wednesday evening.
When I was in Wrangell, I had bought a paperback to read and had finished it already. Luckily, I had just bought another book in Juneau so I had something to keep me busy today as the hours slowly passed.