Day 18 - Friday - June 13 - Mosley Point to Nabannah Bay

Heading up Grenville Channel on a calm morning.

I woke up this morning to find Grenville Channel calm as glass. The sky was cloudy but it was not raining and the strong winds of yesterday were gone. I launched at 7:30am and headed north up the channel hugging the eastern shoreline. The water was calm and the little wind there was, pushed me along from the south. The currents were odd today, sometimes they went north and sometimes south. It could only have been caused by eddies created by the shape of the shoreline. The low clouds made the scenery much less spectacular than it had been the last two days. All the mountainsides above about 1,000 feet were hidden from view by a foggy gray haze.

An island in Grenville Channel near the entrance to Lowe Inlet.

Today’s destination was Evening Point in Nabannah Bay near Klewnuggit Inlet along the east shore of Grenville Channel. After paddling 20 miles from Mosley Point, I arrived here at 1pm. This campsite is composed of small broken stones and patches of grass and has good views up Grenville Channel. I noted in my logbook that there were more bugs here than at any site I had stayed at so far on the trip. That may have been due to the calmness of the air and the expanses of grass along the shoreline in Nabannah Bay. The bugs were mostly gnats that did not bite much but would just fly around your face being bothersome.

A cloudy but calm day on Grenville Channel.

This evening I set up my tent to sleep in and my pyramid shelter to cook under. I ended up doing this whenever it looked like rain and I had enough space to set up both. By doing this if it was raining in the morning when I had to pack up, I could do it quicker and keep my gear dry while it was being packed.

My campsite at Nabannah Bay.

After dinner, while I was filling in my logbook and everything was quiet, I heard a wolf howling in the forest not far away. This was the first indication I had that wolves were near any of my campsites. Whenever I camped in an area where it was possible to encounter predatory animals, I always carried a can of bear spray on me.

Looking north up Grenville Channel at low tide from my campsite at Nabannah Bay.

After checking the mileage ahead of me to Prince Rupert, and the spacing of available campsites, I hope to arrive there in four days.