Day 22 - Friday - June 29 - Johnstone Strait near Robson Bight to Alder Bay

Getting my kayak packed up and ready to launch.

What a difference a day makes. After the rain and wind of yesterday I woke up today to a calm sunny day. I took my time getting ready this morning to give the sun a chance to dry off some of my things before packing them away.
The beach at this campsite is composed of small pebbles, smoothed by wave action, and affords a good landing or launch site no matter what the tide level. I carried my kayak and all my gear down to about 10 feet from the waters edge and started loading it up. By the time I had finished packing the boat, the water level had risen to meet me. It was 9:15am as I slid off the slick gravel and into Johnstone Strait.

Rounding the Blinkhorn Peninsula in Johnstone Strait.

I paddled northwest along the coast of Vancouver Island for 8 miles toward Telegraph Cove. All along this route are beaches that large numbers of kayakers use as base camps for exploring the area and watching for Orcas. In fact, I saw more kayakers on this day than on all the rest of the days of the trip combined. Most kayakers who visit this area launch from Telegraph Cove where there is a marina with a boat launch ramp, floating dock, store, restaurant, showers, laundry, campground, lodging, and multi day parking lot. For those who do not have their own boat, kayak rentals are available, as are guided commercial tours.
The current and a light breeze were with me and by 11:30am, I was pulling up to the dock at Telegraph Cove. It had started raining and I was looking forward to warming up and getting something different to eat from the camping food I had been eating for the past three weeks. The “Killer Whale” restaurant provided the perfect meal, a big burger with fries and a salad.
After lunch, I continued toward today’s destination, Alder Bay. The current was now against me, and the strongest I had encountered yet on the trip. I stayed close to shore and out of the strongest flow and was able to make good headway.

Looking across Alert Bay toward Cormorant Island from the campground at Alder Bay.

At 3pm, I landed at the campground at Alder Bay after covering 12 miles in six hours including the stop at Telegraph Cove for lunch. This turned out to be a good place to spend the night. There are campsites right at the waters edge and it was easy to unload and carry all my gear just a few feet to a grassy tent site. After settling in, I was able to take a shower and then wash all my clothes for the first time since Powell River 10 days ago. Alder Bay campground would be a good spot to use as a base camp for exploring the nearby islands or setting off into Johnstone Strait.