2017 Sea Kayaking trip to Southeast Alaska

Hello Kayaking Friends,
Summer has arrived and it’s time for another kayaking trip to Southeast Alaska. This year I’ll be leaving home on June 15 and if all goes as planned should be launching into Alaskan waters on June 28.
As in years past I will be carrying a SPOT GPS tracking device that will pinpoint my location via satellite every 10 minutes and mark my campsites when I stop for the day. My route and campsite locations will be displayed on a Google Earth satellite image linked to this web address: 
If you would like to view my progress frequently you can bookmark the web address for easy access.
I will post updates and photos to Facebook whenever I have web service.
If we are not already connected on Facebook, and you would like to receive these posts, just send me a “Friend Request” and I’ll add you to the list.
When I get home, I will post a writeup and photos of the trip to this website. http://denisdwyer.blogspot.com/ 
I hope you all have a great summer. 
Denis Dwyer