Day 58 - Wednesday - July 23 - South of Sherman Point to a beach near Eldred Rock

Heading north up Lynn Canal.

The wind this morning was lighter than it had been for the last two days so I decided to try to see if I could put in a few miles. After launching at 8:30am I headed north up Lynn Canal hugging the eastern shoreline. The wind refused to cooperate though and by 11:05am, after paddling only 9 miles, I was hauling the boat out the water with my plans foiled again. I did not set up camp right away and kept my wetsuit on for 2 hours just in case the wind died down and I could get going again. It did not slow down so this ended up being home for the night.

My campsite on a mainland beach near Eldred Rock.

I had not been able to call home since Saturday in Auke Bay and since my plans were to be in Skagway this evening, my family was expecting a call. There was no marine operator in this area so I tried making a call to the US Coast Guard to see if they could contact my home with an “All OK” message like the Canadian Coast Guard had done back at Cape Fox. I contacted them on VHF channel 16 and they made the call for me very quickly and efficiently.

Eldred Rock and Lighthouse from my campsite on Lynn Canal.

I am 28 miles from Haines, so with a little luck, I should be able to be there by tomorrow evening.